Distressing Content: Lion Delivers Blow To Poacher After Being Shot

The jungle is home to some magnificent flora and fauna. And sitting on the throne at the top of them all is the lion. These magnificent wild beasts are among the most ferocious. Males can weigh up to 250kg and they are the second largest cat species in the world.

Whilst poaching contributed to a 30-50% decline in numbers within 20 years in the second half of last century, habitat loss means numbers are nowhere near where they once were. Once upon a time, there were nearly as many lions walking the earth as there were humans.

Unbelievably still legal in parts of Africa. Poachers still hunt for trophies and hides.

Credit: Traveller24

The below video gives an indication of their raw power as this lion who has already taken fire from a team of poachers, charges toward them. It is incredible how quickly the big cat closes on the group. He darts between the shrubbery in a bid to attack the hunters as they fire upon him. He manages to claw at and wound one of the men before he is overcome.

The distressing clip also shows the gunmen shoot the lion when it is already down which many are branding as cowardly.

Credit: Dude Comedy

But the damage that he imparted to the poacher is unbelievable. In an instant, the lion has ripped open the arm and back with its claws leaving him in a pretty bad way.

The lead of the hunting trip is heard calling for a medivac via the radio as the injured man writhes on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Credit: Dude Comedy

There are few videos out there that depict the speed and ferocity of a lion like this. It would be a hell of a scary sight to have one charging towards you after you have pissed it off.


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