Toddler Turns Blue and Throws Up Blood, Dies For Frighteningly Simple Reason

They initially thought it was just a fever

Parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer, were hit with disaster after losing their two year old daughter within a few days after she suffered from a fever. The two year old, Brianna, had a fever, which initially didn’t seem like anything too out of the ordinary. However, her grandfather, who was looking after Brianna while the parents were working, says that her condition suddenly became critical.

Brianna was rushed to hospital where x-rays revealed something shocking

Brianna’s grandfather noticed that she had turned blue and was throwing up blood. He immediately rushed her to the hospital where x-rays revealed something tragic. The two year old had swallowed a small battery.

An operation on the toddler lasted for two hours

Once they knew what they were dealing with, Brianna was immediately taken into surgery where she they operated on her for two hours. Unfortunately, they were unable to stop the bleeding. It’s believed that the battery she had swallowed had eroded her carotid artery through her esophagus.

The surgeons did everything they could, but in the end, they couldn’t save Brianna’s life. The doctors think that Brianna had swallowed the battery approximately six days before the surgery! So the battery had almost a week to eat through a major artery and cause bleeding that couldn’t be stopped.

This story has shocked parents and warns them to watch out for harmful items around their kids



Younger kids are more likely to swallow small household items, without parents noticing. The two main risks here are choking, or poisoning. Choking is within the top five accidental deaths among children under five years old.

Some common household items to look out for include:

  • Coins
  • Marbles
  • Small toy parts
  • Screws
  • Crayons
  • Erasers
  • Small foods

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