Two Service Dogs Were Shot In Their Yard By A Policeman – And A Surveillance Video Captured It.

According to CBS Minnesota News, a police officer responded to a burglary alarm in North Minneapolis on a Saturday night. The officer arrived at the fenced yard to investigate the alarm, which was accidently tripped by Jennifer LeMay’s daughter. In the video, one of her two service dogs saw the officer and approached him in a friendly manner. Unfortunately, the police officer already had drawn his gun and immediately backed away from the dog.

When the dog came too close, the officer fired his gun, causinf the dog to immediately run away in pain. The other service dog witnessed this and approached the officer to investigate but was also shot. The officer then made a quick escape by climbing over the yard fence.

Thankfully, both dogs survived, with one dog suffering from a broken jaw as he was shot in the face. Due to this incident, the LeMay family were enraged and angrily demanded answers from the Minnesota Police Department.

The Minnesota Police Department responded on Sunday afternoon and released a statement regarding the incident, stating that they are currently reviewing the online video, and footage from the officer’s body camera while maintaining contact with the Lemay family throughout the investigation.

Both Circo and Rocko are service dogs who help people and do not deserve such an unfair treatment. The Lemay family needs your help to raise sufficient funds for their veterinary expenses. If you want to lend a helping hand to these two dogs, please donate on their GoFundMe page “Justice For Our Dogs”.

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